How To Download SoundCloud Tracks (Downloads Disabled)

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  • Sat 10 Mar 2012
  • Sometimes we see some remix stems or an acapella which have reached it's download limit on SoundCloud meaning that you can't download the tracks and get started on your remix. Or maybe the acapella/remix stems were available for download but now they're not. In this post we will show you some simple ways you can get around this and download tracks in the same quality which you can listen to the track in the SoundCloud player all at the click of a button from your browser.

    Method 1 - This site allows you to input the URL of a track on SoundCloud and then download the file automatically even if the track has reached it's download limit.

    SoundFlish - Another site which allows you to download tracks by inputting the URL.

    Method 2

    Install Greasemonkey Extension (or Equivalent)
    Using Mozilla Firefox you need to install the addon called Greasemonkey or if you are using Google Chrome then you need to install the equivalent called Tampermonkey.These extensions allow scripts to make changes to the websites you see and there are loads that allow extra features to be added to popular websites.

    Install the SoundCloud Super User Script
    This SoundCloud script can be installed from here. Just click install in the top right hand corner and Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey should take care of the rest and install the script for you.

    Now when you go SoundCloud on a page with a acapella or remix stems that has reached it's download limits you can simply right click on the new button that has appeared and choose Save > As. Here is a screenshot of what this new button looks like.

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