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MC Kryptomedic feat. Midas Remix Contest

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  • Sat 24 Oct 2015
  • 20 Days Remain
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    Another Day


    In-Deep Music (672 Facebook Likes)


    The winning remix will be released on IN:DEEP010 forthcoming in December 2015.


    Only Drum and Bass remixes are allowed. Entrants should "Like" IN:DEEP Music's Facebook. It is not allowed to distribute the remix before the winner has been announced (24th Oct). Afterwards you are free to upload them and give them away for free. It is not allowed to use the samples/sounds in other tracks without permission. Only one submission per participant.

    Remix Parts and Submission Method:

    The remix stems can be downloaded from Mediafire. Completed remixes should be uploaded to SoundCloud as a 192kbps MP3 and tagged with #Kryptoremix so they can find them.

    Male Vocals
    Female Vocals
    Editors Pick
    174 BPM
    C# minor

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