Damn You Mongolians and Black Hole Recordings Remix Contest

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    Damn You Mongolians, in association with Rub A Duck have picked the winner. You can hear the winning remix below as well as the shortlist of 20 honorable mentions...

    The winning remix...

    1st place goes to Sinsky Remix.

    The shortlist of 20 honorable mentions.

    The full winner announcement can be seen on the Black Hole Recordings website

    Remix Contest Details (NOW CLOSED)

    Remix either full vocal tracks 'Before The Storm' (Featuring Natalie Holmes) or 'In The Night' (Featuring Ivy Jayne) from Damn You Mongolians' brand new 'Before The Storm EP'. The EP is out now through Rub-a-Duck Records, a divison of legendary dance music label Black Hole Recordings.

    Tracks To Remix: Before The Storm/In The Night

    What Damn You Mongolians Is Looking For: The labels deal primarily in electronic genres (primarily dubstep, electro, drum and bass, house and trance) but all genres are welcome.

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    The best remix will be guaranteed a release on a forthcoming compilation through the prestigious Black Hole Recordings label and will be distributed across all major online platforms. Remixes will also have the chance to receive promotion through artist and label social media aswell as support from world renowned Black Hole Radio Podcasts and DJs.

    Download The Remix Files

    The remix stems: Before The Storm (Zip File 197MB) and In The Night (Zip File 245MB). Alternatively download individual files from the SoundCloud sets below.

    Download Before The Storm StemsDownload In The Night Stems


    Eligibilty: Open worldwide to entrants who are aged 13 or older. Entrants who are under the age of majority in their country should get parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before entering. Musicians who are under an exclusive contract with a record label are ineligible. No purchase is necessary to enter or win this contest.
    Posting Remixes Online: Remixes can be posted publicly online but downloads should be disabled until after the winner has been announced..
    Rights (Remix Files): The remix stems are provided for you to make a remix for this contest only. They can not be distributed elsewhere. You can not use the remix files within your own tracks unless you get permission from Damn You Mongolians/Black Hole Recordings.
    Rights (Remixes): Remixes can not be distributed for sale without the permission of Damn You Mongolians.
    Judging: The best remixes will be chosen based upon the quality of music, production values used in making the remix and the preference of the judge(s).


    Feel free to leave your comments.

    Good luck everyone. You can remix either track or both.

    18 March, 2013 - 06:37

    Just wondering what key this written in? Cheers guys :)

    21 March, 2013 - 12:29

    I was wondering what keys are these tracks in.?

    21 March, 2013 - 21:06

    Easy. c# d# f g#. Good luck all.

    4 April, 2013 - 16:26

    tomorrow the big day

    7 April, 2013 - 13:56

    I could be blind, but when is the date where they announce the winner(s)?

    7 April, 2013 - 17:13

    BTW just wanted to say, the 1 download on my remix is by MYSELF downloading it on a different PC. Please dont disqualify my remix because of that.

    7 April, 2013 - 19:03

    Hey everyone! Yep deadline is today, gonna listen to each and every one this afternooon then Im sure an announcement will be made within the next few days once a few of us have chimed in with our thoughts! There'll certainly be many honorable mentions and Ill contact the best personally to say thanks, but until then...a massive thanks to everyone who took the time to take part! Its been amazing seeing the amount of entries and hearing the standard, good times!!!

    8 April, 2013 - 08:56

    Good stuff! thanks its been fun ...great vocals by the way!

    8 April, 2013 - 13:00

    Not sure about everyone else but I had an awesome time remixing the track, it brought me out of a 9 month hiatus! So thanks to you and Ivey James for a great track, vocals, and remix comp!

    8 April, 2013 - 14:58